Integration Innovation: supporting the scientific reform of the new college entrance examination
Shanghai and Zhejiang are the first pilot areas for comprehensive reform of the national college entrance examination. In Shanghai, the "two basis and one reference" enrolment system is implemented to develop a comprehensive quality evaluation information management system, which provides information collection, presentation and credit based management support for high school students in the development and performance of moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic aspects. The comprehensive evaluation of the large data service in high school students' personalized growth and career planning, serving the improvement and development of high school schools and characteristic development, serving in the comprehensive evaluation of college enrolment and other links, has played a supporting and leading role in the comprehensive education reform of Shanghai.
The head of the education technology center of Zhejiang province told reporters that, with the idea of "technology enriching the supply of education and realizing the accurate management of education and teaching", Zhejiang province relies on the learning carrier of subject classrooms, innovative laboratories and mobile learning terminals to innovate teaching formulas in the construction of information, and to build high school elective network courses. Individualized resource push is realized by the pattern selection. In five years, 1384 network courses were set up in Zhejiang province. More than 71 million students were taking courses. The whole set of textbooks was downloaded more than 124 thousand copies, which was equivalent to more than 200 copies of each school.
Connotation Development: promoting the flourishing development of Creative Education
The exhibition also set up a special area to focus on the interactive experience link of creating guest and STEAM education, a series of new teaching and learning models such as 3D printing, Internet of things, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and other new technical forms, STEAM education and creating guest education. It also provides inspiration and loan for exploring interdisciplinary learning and education connotation development. Learn from. At the exhibition, the six grade student team of Bai Jia Zhuang primary school in Chaoyang District, Beijing, showed a "housekeeper" robot with remote monitoring, humidity induction and atomizing water spray. According to the introduction, this robot is completed by a number of students in the process of participating in school associations and school-based courses, using a comprehensive knowledge of multi disciplines such as singlechip, 3D printing, simple circuit and so on.


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