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holographic projection makes the internal structure of the protein clear, the sign language recognition system will realize the communication between the deaf and the sound, and the intelligent escort robot can monitor the change of the infant's emotion in real time, and the intelligent street lamp control system will save 25.9% of the energy consumption. A few days ago, the tenth session of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications's innovation and entrepreneurship achievements exhibition and innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum opened.
The exhibition and Innovation Forum has received more than 190 exhibition works, involving intelligent life, digital entertainment, media design, intelligent equipment, public service, medical health, robot, education culture and many other fields. The project covers VR, AR technology, holographic projection, deep learning and so on. Hot technology.
As a member of the "naked eye 3D holographic projection assistant teaching tool", Dong Yu Shun, 2015 of the North Post Communications Engineering major, said, "when explaining protein in a biological course, the previous projector can only show a flat picture. We present it by building a three-dimensional model of protein. The 3D structure can be rotated and zoomed by sliding screen control model to help students understand their internal characteristics.
The technology of computer recognition for speech is already mature, and the project developed by 5 undergraduate students at the 2015 level of North mail enables the computer to read "sign language", which brings new possibilities for the exploration of sign language translation and sign language teaching. Only when the team members made a hand stretching gesture in front of the camera, a stop word appeared immediately on the screen. At present, the sign language recognition system has been able to accurately identify 50-60 specific gestures, and facilitate the life and communication of hearing impaired people.
"We use the convolution neural network for facial expression recognition, we can analyze the emotional changes of infants and children, so that parents can understand the situation of children through mobile phones anytime and anywhere, and reduce the burden of the baby." Mao Kaining, a 2015 class student of Electronic Science and technology in North mail, developed a "intelligent escort robot based on Emotional Analysis" with 3 other team members, which can judge seven common emotions, such as joy, sadness and anger. It can also help the parents to respond to the parents' immediate feedback. .

With the rapid development

   of new technologies, such as cloud computing, large data and artificial intelligence, English learning is playing a more and more important role in cultivating the future competitiveness of children. Yesterday, the Cambridge general English five level examination MSE summit was held in Beijing. professor Hu Min, the chairman of the new channel international education group and CEOAntimicrobial stewardship Cochrane Effective communication of results could have considerable health service and policy effect.

, pointed out that English is a truly international language and an important communication tool for teenagers to connect the world. To train young people with global competence, English learning must be advanced. Only by focusing on ability training, can we truly realize "learning to use, high energy and high scores"polyU offers placement programmes / internship opportunities for students to widen their horizon and to obtain valuable working experience before graduation.

  The day's activities attracted hundreds of parents to listen.

  In recent years, training the global competency of young people has become a hot topic in the field of education. Global competence consists of four aspects: the analytical capacity for regional, global and cross-cultural issues; the understanding and appreciation of others' views and views of the world; the ability to interact with people of different cultural backgrounds, open, appropriate and effective; and the ability to act for collective well-being and sustainable development.

  The Cambridge English five certificate test ("MSE") developed by the University of Cambridge's English examination and evaluation department has always been the most valuable test of English for non - native learners. The MSE tests include: KET, pET, FCE, CAE and CpE. All tasks of the examination are based on real situations and test the basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writingEvery pharmaceutical warehousing in Asia pacific has its own set of rules for dealing with the delivery process.



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