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There will be a new change in the charge policy for kindergartens in Jiangsu! The reporter learned from the provincial Price Bureau on the 26 day that the charge management measures for kindergartens in Jiangsu province began to seek advice to fully liberate the fees for the profit - run private gardens. In the future, the fees of these kindergartens are no longer required to be "put on" by the governmentKO Annie received her MSc degree and PhD in Hotel and Tourism Management at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Her research interests focus on perceived corporate social responsibility, strategic human resource management and organisational behaviour.
. The provisions of the small PN and refund also made a number of adjustments, the new regulations will be introduced this year.
Change of profit - run private garden
The price cycle is not less than 3 years, up to 2 per time.
At present, the kindergarten is divided into three types of public kindergartens, non-profit private gardens and profit - run private gardens. This is the new regulation for kindergarten fees. The biggest adjustment is for private kindergartens. The education fee, accommodation fee and trusteeship fee of the public park and the non-profit private garden are all guided by the government, while the charge for profit run private gardens is clear for the implementation of the market regulation priceWhen you are dealing with a distribution solution company, rather than a mere client, you need to take the initiative at times.
"In the past, the fee adjustment of profitable private gardens must first be put on record in the price department, and the new regulation abolished the threshold. The person in charge of the provincial Price Bureau told the reporter that according to the state's new spirit of promoting the private education promotion law, the reporting system should be carried out only in the future of the profit oriented private kindergartens in our province, but the relative stability of the charge standards must be kept, that is, the adjustment range of the single price should not be higher than 20%, and the adjustment period should not be less than 3. Year. The charging standard should be publicized to the public 3 months before the new school year starts.
Change of public garden
Community public kindergartens fees can go up to 30%
In order to solve the problems such as "difficulty in entering the garden", "difficult to enter the public garden" and "difficult to enter the garden", the adjustment of the charge policy for kindergartens will be relaxed on the charge of public gardens held by enterprises and institutions. This kind of public education fee standard can be based on the fee standard of the same grade public kindergartens. The floating up range increased from the highest of 20% in 2012 to a maximum of 30%.
At the same time, the past charge standards have no definite scope for this kind of unfunded kindergartens. This time is clear to two kinds, one is the public kindergarten held by self-supporting institutions; the other is a public kindergarten which is held by the army, the enterprise (the state collective), the street and the community.
The announcement of the draft also clear public kindergarten Baojiao fee allocation proportion. How much is the annual fee that is allocated from the government finance? The share of the new regulation draft is that the proportion of family sharing education costs is no more than 35%.
At present, some public kindergartens provide early childcare education for 0-3 - year - old infants. The current regulation is 50 yuan per month than those of small and medium-sized children, and the draft of the new regulations is clearly defined as "the maximum fee of no more than 80 yuan / hours". The person in charge of the price department explains that this charge refers to a few times a week, especially for the children who are about to enter the small class.
Clear charge items
On the basis of existing fees, the school bus fee is added.
My nursery fees are divided into three parts, one is the fee, service fee is two, three is the generation of charge. In the past, there were only two categories of service fees, food and trust, and the new school bus fee, which refers to the cost of receiving the school bus from the kindergarten.
In the newly released solicitation draft, the reporter found that the fee that the kindergarten can't charge is very much, and it is required that the kindergartens should not receive the premiums and accommodation fees before or over the semester, and do not start the experimental class, the special class, the interest class, the after-school class, the parent-child class and so on. Special education is used to charge children's parents on the name of charge; no books are charged and fees are charged in the name of the class and the Committee of the family. It is not allowed to charge the tuition fees, reading fees, sponsorship fees, construction fees, and educational cost compensation fees linked to the entrance to the garden, and not to sell or disguise the teaching aids, books, bedding and clothing. Do not charge "registration fee", "admission fee", "nutrition fee", "garden fee", "management fee", "retention fee", "delivery card fee" or "childbearing newspapers and periodicals fees" and various forms of deposit and reserve.
Refund method
Refund fee standard adjustment, the highest return 80%
The new regulation also adjusts the standard for the refund of the premiums for kindergartens, from the current maximum to 80%, and to increase the rate of tuition fee refund by term. In the garden time of less than 10 days (including 10 days, the same), the retreat 80%; more than 10 days of less than 30 days of the return of 50%; 30 days or more than 50 days of the retreat 30%; more than 50 days of no refund.
On the basis of the existing refund methods, the monthly charging kindergartens have added 80% of the premiums for the month of "4 days" in the garden time and below 4 days (including 4 days); more than half of the 4 days less than half of the month; more than half of the non refunds.
The service charges such as meals and meals are calculated according to the days of children's request for leave, and the actual number of days after garden days is deducted.
In addition, kindergartens are open to children during the cold and summer vacation. The tuition fee is charged daily. It is calculated according to the number of days children apply for Lingering Garden. Children are asked for leave for personal reasons during the period of Lingering GardenMultiple MNCs allow the concept of customizable branding and the business logo will depict the warmth that you wish to share with your collaborators. With options of corporate gift hong kong, you can very well maintain your overseas relations.


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