spring days in their own works

But when autumn approaching, comes a sense of autumn NuHart . When the early autumn's footsteps slowly close to, had a crush on so many spring deep tipsy, and gently diffuse on the heart. For the all around eyes NuHart, also gradually lost a piece of autumn deep, slightly drunk like, misty in xian.

Drunk in the early autumn, because autumn an invigorating autumn climate d-helper. Besides the breezes of autumn, the rain suddenly, ask what strength, make the heat away, dull without trace. The thin clouds in writing that a sunny NuHart. Be raging like a storm behind will always be unbroken bee to of rain. Agitation to summer, gradually promoting peace, is to leave the fanaticism, all dormant. The cool and pleasant, would be a piece of, can let more dirt, dust, clean and clear.

Drunk in the Mid Autumn Festival, is the thick of autumn, embroidered blue one, and the endless blue skies. And with the most gentle words NuHart, written with moonlight, very bright, very soft, like water like wine. The endless yearning, a touch is drunk, and would break. Fortunately, night fair, equally autumn, the landscape significance in half, enjoy free. The edges like autumn, as well as the silvery moonlight melts, even if again good MicroHand Danqing, will be difficult to describe. With red, yellow, green, mixed with natural beauty. A beautiful painting in the autumn, make you drunk, reluctant to leave, the blurry and never return.

can also clear

The wise man when such as water, flowing free and easy, not, not, face life with a broad mind of ebb and flow, to any life calm attitude to walk the road of life. There is no desperate situation, only the desperate situation of the people. Life, can stand, can rest, can look forward to, can aftertaste, is not to look back. Width is narrow, flat road is rugged, but we want to go. Listen not to the rain beating against the trees. Why dont you slowly walk and chant at ease? Looking back over the bleak passage survived, impervious to wind, rain or shine, Ill have my will. In fact, environment created by the heart, how can things by? Heart vent, in exchange for a cloud like free and quiet life, groundless talk, the way to be happy and easy.

Sometimes, people are too tired to live, live in pain, only because the expectation is too heavy, expect too high. No excessive expectations, how there will be lost tears? Not too much luxury, how hopeless sad? Still in the castle, jiduoxiyanggong? Clouds are laughing at, and who with? The song "the mighty river flows eastward." without desire, white haired gentleman, pour in Jiang Chu that pot on the Xi Feng liquor fragrance swirling rain, from the song rhythm in elegant yet, the carefree and content between the green mountains and rivers, through the ages, from the truly great men disdain fame vulgar dust everything you, did not make the world admire and worth have, cloud like heroic sentiments?
not have to care about he is laughing flowers of the wound


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